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Ironhawk has been awarded a contract with the United States Army RDECOM (RDER-STN-DC) CERDEC S&TCD SEAMS Division.  Work is to be performed by Ironhawk Technologies, Inc. in cooperation with CERDEC personnel, and their designated subcontractors. Specific testing of SmartSync® was performed by Nexagen Networks, Inc.  This included installation, configuration and testing of SmartSync®’s ability to compress parametric data in the form of non-compressed ABCD files and validation of compressed file compatibility with CIMS.  Ironhawk Technologies, Inc. performed as-is analysis of network topology and analysis of customer supplied simulation data. 

Contract # W15P7T-06-D-E401, titled “CERDEC Data Compression Analysis,” was awarded to Ironhawk Technologies to evaluate Ironhawk SmartSync® compression effectiveness on representative samples of Army CBM parametric-engineering data in ABCD format, to assess the ability for Ironhawk SmartSync® compression to be integrated with the Army's CIMS prototype software, and to provide SmartSync® software harness for IV&V testing of items # 1 and 2.

To overcome these limits imposed by narrow bandwidth, the CERDEC CBM+ PMO has been investigating data reduction and data compression and Delta encoding. To test data reduction (a form of lossy compression), CERDEC tested with PaDRT.  PaDRT was developed by PSU/ARL. To test lossless compression and lossless delta encoding, CERDEC tested Ironhawk’s SmartSync® enterprise solution.  Preliminary analysis and testing suggests that the combination of data reduction and delta encoding provide the greatest amount of data savings.  However, these technologies largely remain independent. 

The purpose of the effort under contract # W15P7T-06-D-E402 is to develop an integrated solution that combines the flexibility of data reduction with the power of delta encoding.  Specifically, Ironhawk is proposing to integrate PaDRT’s reduction service with Ironhawk’s compression services and to develop an API for 3rd party tools, such as JDMS, or on/at platform systems, to access these services – see Figure 1.  Another aspect of the proposal is to productize the solution and deliver to CERDEC for Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V).

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