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Ironhawk’s SmartSync® DCS Platform™ accelerates the delivery of web content for both private and public client-aware cloud initiatives. Web application performance is constrained by bandwidth and capacity (performance = servers x server capacity x bandwidth ÷ (users x load), a good user experience requires high performance which amounts to numerous servers, high capacity per server, significant bandwidth, or lower data usage per user. These facts, combined with the trends below, provide an environment which makes SmartSync® for web browsing a critical tool for a much improved web application user experience.

At Ironhawk, we understand that client devices of all types play an essential contribution to how, when, and where cloud services are consumed and the potential benefit to both IT and the user. A poor user experience on client devices can overshadow any benefit from moving to cloud computing.

Negative Trends

  • Average web page is over 300k and growing with additional multiple connection requests
  • Web applications growing “richer” requiring much more data and a higher load
  • More bandwidth competition from a quickly increasing amount of streaming video

Positive Trends

  • CPU cycles and storage are inexpensive and the cost is falling


SmartSync® Client-Aware Content Delivery Software
Ironhawk’s Cloud Solutions leverage inexpensive CPU cycles to reduce bandwidth needs and improve performance. SmartSync® can now be implemented via a browser plug-in, in addition to Ironhawk’s standard client/server implementations, that works with a server enhancement which provides client aware content delivery acceleration and distribution.


  • Passive client is transparent to the user
  • Provides in-line compression of web content such as HTML, XML, CSS, and Javascript
  • Provides in-line compression of downloadable web attachments such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
  • Forward and reverse proxy with “never stale” server and client-side caching Byte-level delta differencing
  • Resume on transfer failure or disconnect (from the last byte sent)


  • 10X improvement in performance and data delivery
  • Dramatically reduces the amount of bandwidth consumed
  • Reduces the amount of requests to a server
  • Reduces the amount of data required per client
  • Eliminates unnecessary refresh requests
  • “Resume on Re-Connect” eliminates “thrashing”: when data is sent, incurs a network disconnect, begins sending again, incurs another network disconnect, begins sending again...and so on...

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