White Papers and Test Reports

U.S. Army NETCOM Test Report on Ironhawk Software

Summary:  U.S. Army NETCOM Test Reports and Recommendations that SmartSync® efficiences should be utilized by the U.S. Army after achieving 90.48% compression results in the testing of SmartSync®.

Lockheed Martin Test Report on Ironhawk Virtual Machine Compression

Summary:  As the Navy moves to a virtualized environment, they are creating a more reliable, efficient, and easy to manage infrastructure. Recently, a test was conducted using this technique employed by a product developed by Ironhawk knows as SmartSync® which was used on virtual machines in the Distributed Information Operations Systesm (DIO-S), under a program run by PMW 120 of the Unites States Navy

TW11 ISNS Next Generation Technology (NGT) Test Report

Summary:  TW11 ISNS Next Generation Technology (NGT) Test Report - NET-11,07 Data Transport and Synchronization Optimization. The purpose of the test outlined in this report is to benchmark SmartSync®, a data compression and transport solution that combines adaptive compression algorithms with reliable transport to reduce the amount of data transmitted over the air by as much as 95% without sacrificing military capability.

In Defense Of Congressional Plus-Ups

Summary:  Plus-ups are projects funded by the Federal Government as the result of a non-public request by a member of Congress to add money to an existing program in the budget. Critics, who include both Democrats and Republicans, argue, among other things, that they are nothing more than wasteful “pork” and that they lack transparency and accountability.

Using the Ironhawk Technologies’ SmartSync® DCS Platform™

Summary:  Current operations and future operational success using U.S. technological advantages are dependent on bringing data communications to the warfighting edge. The question at hand is: Can the current the networking layer extend data communications to the warfighting edge?

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