SmartSync® HTTPS products are designed to automatically inject in-line compression (including byte-level delta compression) into HTTPS transfer payloads, and enable intelligent resume of interrupted transfers. This is done without any modifications to the existing web-applications and transparently to the end-users.The solution entails deploying one client-side SCA component (SmartSync® HTTPS Client Agent) and one server-side component (SmartSync® HTTPS Gateway). Due to the disparate client-side platforms, Ironhawk provides multiple implementations of the SCA. All (except SmartSync® HTTPS Proxy) implementations of the SCA for various mobile device operating systems are embedded into the end-user platform and can therefore more easily enhance HTTPS traffic.

Use Cases

Maximize Cellular HTTPS Traffic Throughput

Unlimited cellular data plans are expensive. Especially for corporations that have hundreds or thousands of users. But limited data plans may risk limiting business operations. Ironhawk’s SmartSync® HTTPS products provide a viable cost-effective means of maximizing limited operational bandwidth. With support for all major mobile platforms, SmartSync® injects in-line byte-level delta compression into HTTP or HTTPS traffic originating from any user App, effectively increasing throughput 10-fold or more for all variety of web resources (html-pages, CSS, PDF, Microsoft Office documents, etc.)

Maximize SATCOM HTTPS Traffic Throughput

Many, if not most, web applications are designed with the assumption that network bandwidth will be sufficient and reliable. While that assumption may indeed hold true for most of their initial users, it is not unusual for a geologically expansive enterprise to need to extend access to these web applications to users in remote locations with unreliable and low-bandwidth connectivity to the corporate network. Ironhawk’s SmartSync® HTTPS product line is designed to make these scenarios viable. Comprised of client-side and server-side components, SmartSync® HTTPS solutions automatically perform byte-level delta compression of the HTTPS traffic over such bandwidth constrained links. By first dramatically reducing the size of the HTTP payloads that need to be transmitted, and then adding the ability to automatically resume interrupted transfers from the last byte, SmartSync® enables an enterprise to deliver its web services and content to otherwise disadvantaged users.