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At Ironhawk, the cornerstone of our philosophy is that actionable information must be placed in the hands of people who can take action, not kept in the hands of programmers or sitting on servers.

We understand that, whether the battlefield is military or corporate, instantaneous global transmission of critical information confers a significant competitive advantage on its recipient. The challenge, however, is that data continues to grow exponentially, while bandwidth grows linearly or is constrained by operational factors.

To this end, we have created an advanced technology solution – the Ironhawk SmartSync® DCS Platform™ – which optimizes the mobility of data in narrow band satellite communication network environments or low bandwidth cellular networks.

Through content management, compression and transport innovations, the Ironhawk SmartSync® DCS (Decision Critical Software) Platform™ reduces storage requirements 20-fold and bandwidth requirements 50-fold. In conjunction with our custom engineering and services division, this enables the transport of data to multiple locations around the globe, transmitting,  receiving, and downloading information immediately.

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