Ironhawk Technologies Awarded Contract with United States Navy Littoral Combat Ships at Naval Surface Warfare Center, Port Hueneme California

Los Angeles, CA. – September 1st, 2017 –  Ironhawk Technologies, Inc. is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a contract as the Prime Contractor to integrate Ironhawk’s SmartSync® Data Replication and Compression Software onto the U.S. Navy’s Littoral Combat Ships.

After successful thorough testing the product during the U.S. Navy’s Trident Warrior Exercises in 2016, where Ironhawk’s SmartSync® software was demonstrated on a live shipboard environment to reduce the data flow by over 93%, a contract was awarded for the purchase of SmartSync® licenses to begin the phased implementation of the product on the LCS vessels. The Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) Program has tasked NSWC PHD, Code L24 with the implementation of a Condition Based Maintenance + (CBM+) solution for the LCS Combat System Elements. In line with this goal, there is a requirement to replicate CBM+ data from the ship to NSWC PHD for post analysis by engineers. SmartSync®, developed by IRONHAWK and used by the Navy since 2003, is a data replication and compression software which will enable the transmission of data from ship to shore over a bandwidth constrained connection. Due to the unique and proprietary aspects of the SmartSync® product, by purchasing this DON DADMS certified approved product, LCS will be positioned to utilize a supported product that is wholly appropriate for other Navy and Department of Defense users regardless of the operating systems and the variety of data formats utilized, and thus will be available to other Navy personnel in need of transmitting more data using less bandwidth.

David Gomes, CEO of Ironhawk observed, “From our first contract with the United States Navy in 2003 we recognized that no one data compression technique would be sufficient for any enterprise.  You simply cannot distribute message data, CBM data, video streams or files, images, software patches/updates, or web-based cloud data in the same manner.” Ironhawk’s approach has always been to provide a single small footprint software platform that can be easily and transparently inserted into almost any existing network topology or enterprise workflow and can be deployed on most operating systems, mobile devices, or via HTTPS workflows.”  SmartSync® can replicate and distribute most data formats, and has allowed for “future proofing” in that future data formats can be accommodated by the utilization and updates to its dynamic and ever-changing library of compression algorithms that transparently apply the relevant compression technique based upon the recognized data flow.  This is unique in the market today.  This feature, combined with a byte-level resumption of data transmission upon communications failure, make SmartSync® the only software of its kind on the market today.

About Ironhawk Technologies

Ironhawk Technologies is a group of seasoned technologists focused exclusively on perfecting the SmartSync® platform, a bandwidth efficient data distribution technology on which not only network resilient enterprise systems can be built, but which can also be transparently injected into legacy enterprise systems and workflows to boost their performance and resilience over increasingly stressed networks, such as SATCOM and Cellular.  Ironhawk has continuously improved SmartSync® with over more than a decade of research and development, utilization of evolving technologies, and study of customer use cases under contracts with the United States Army and the United States Navy.  Resulting published metrics from the use of SmartSync® have been leveraged to expand into commercial applications such as point of sale retail (PoS), Medical Imagery, and Oil and Gas, all of which have large unsolved data distribution and replication requirements.

Independent studies performed by the government and other third-party analysts have substantiated that Ironhawk SmartSync® data distribution technology is unique in its ability to efficiently replicate data of all types over disadvantaged networks.  Ironhawk wishes to take advantage of this unique quality and drive market recognition for this unique product genre which is often incorrectly qualified as ‘compression (zip),’ ‘bandwidth optimization (Riverbed), or ‘native database replication (Sybase, Oracle, SQL, etc.)’.  Ironhawk SmartSync® is software only technology that is intelligently designed to serve as a foundation for network resilient and bandwidth efficient enterprise workflows, can be deployed on all contemporary consumer and enterprise platforms, is FIPS 140-2 compliant, guarantees error-free replication, can transparently integrate into existing HTTPS and other legacy workflows, employs extensible library of compression algorithms and processes to best handle all variety of enterprise data types, and efficiently uses multiple transport protocols to support diverse network types and topologies.



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